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Wet Dog Food for Wagging Tails

Mixables makes mealtime memorable. With two varieties — all-natural canned dog food for healthy coats and pouches of grain-free dog food toppers — you can give your dog a natural, nutritional boost in a range of tasty recipes. Reward your pooches with the best of both worlds: health and a wealth of flavor.

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What's so great about mixables?

Mixables is a healthy, complete and balanced wet dog food designed to pour right over your dog’s everyday food as a nutritious, special treat. Instead of table scraps and high-calorie, low-nutrient snacks, give your dog the real deal: real meat, vegetables, and tons of flavor. We are doggo lovers just like you, learn about how we got started creating our flavor packed and healthy dog products. Give us a shake!

Healthy Coats, Happy Pups

The Healthy Coat collection of canned dog food is specifically formulated with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to keep your dog’s fur soft and shiny. More pets for them!

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Go Grain-Free for Good Dogs

Our grain-free pouches are packed only with meat, veggies, vitamins and minerals to provide all the goodies and none of the filler that most wet dog food contains.

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With Mixables, the healthy wet dog food, you can reward your pooches with the best of both worlds: health and a wealth of flavor.