My Dog Won’t Eat Dog Food Only Human Food

Every dog has its own unique eating habits and preferences. Most dogs will eat regular dog food, and enjoy it, but there are some dogs that seem to only like human food. This is something that can begin as a puppy or slowly develop over time. What the dog enjoys eating, and the habits that they have been raised with, often create those particular eating habits.

Just like humans, every dog has its own habits and preferences. You can see these variations in many different habits, such as how your dogs clean themselves and where they like to sleep. You can also witness these variations by looking at what foods certain dogs eat.

Understanding how dogs develop eating habits is difficult to define to any degree of certainty. However, much like humans, dogs grow accustomed to certain routines, which can contribute to future habits. For example, if you introduce wet food in combination with dry kibble, your pup may expect this combination at every meal. Similarly, if the expectation is dry kibble five times a day, they may continue to want the same frequency of meals.

Simply put, if your dog likes it, and you give it to them on a repeated basis, then it can develop into a habit, whether good or bad.

  • Every dog has its own eating preferences and habits
  • Routine is an important aspect of canine eating
  • Humans can alter dogs eating habits by going outside their routine

Why Do Some Dogs Only Eat Human Food?

Dogs are habitual creatures, but habits aren’t permanent. What your dog enjoys can change, especially as they get older.

Although there is a myriad of reasons why your dog may be reluctant to eat its regular food, it’s important to note that older dogs sometimes require changes in their regular diet. Instead of feeding your dog the same brand of kibble, for example, you may be inclined to think about buying a new brand altogether.

As stated, a lack of appetite can stem from many different sources. Overall, it’s better to take small steps in attempting to solve the underlying issue. Switching up brand kibble is an easy and usually effective way to assess if your dog may be bored with its routine food. This is also a much healthier option than feeding a dog human food. Even out of desperation, it’s extremely unhealthy for your dog to become dependent on human food.

Dogs are naturally drawn to human food because of its smell and texture. Understandably, if you attempt to feed your canine from the table, they will come to expect it, especially if the only other option is the same bland kibble they’ve been eating for years. Instead, work with them to introduce new and exciting things at mealtime.

  • When dogs get older their preferences can change
  • Older dogs can often stop eating their dry kibble
  • Some owners make the poor choice of feeding their dog human

Why Is Feeding Dogs Human Food A Bad Idea?

Feeding your dog human food is not a good idea. Human food contains a variety of ingredients that are incredibly unhealthy. When your dog eats human food on a daily basis, poor habits and health issues can result.

Dog food is designed specifically for dogs. There are no added ingredients or chemicals that will harm your dog. Simply put, dog food is the safest and healthiest choice simply because it has been made with their metabolisms in mind.

Some human food may be extremely toxic to dogs and by feeding them from the table you’re increasing the liklihood of them encountering a sensitivity or an allergy. While it may not be your intention, it’s hard to know how every single piece of human food might negative effect your pup. That’s not the only reason why you shouldn’t feed your dog human food, though.

“Dogs and humans metabolize foods differently.”

Human bodies and dog bodies are very different. The metabolic processes are far from the same. For dogs, some human foods can easily be broken down and digested, but many of them cannot.

  • Feeding dogs human food leads to poor health and bad eating habits
  • Human food contains ingredients and chemicals that are toxic to dogs
  • Dogs metabolize their food in a different manner than humans
  • Human food can negatively affect a dog’s metabolization process

What’s An Alternative To Human Food?

Instead of feeding your dog human food, to get them eating their kibble again there are alternative strategies.

Some owners just try to force their dog the same food, even then they refuse to eat it, hoping that eventually they will get hungry enough to get back into the same routine.

However, it’s possible that you may not even need to toss out the food you’ve been feeding them for the last several years. Instead, consider adding wet dog food or dog food toppers to their dry kibble. It may actually be an excellent method for getting your dog to enjoy their regular routine food again.

  • Replacing dry kibble isn’t always the best method to get dogs eating again
  • Wet dog food or dog food toppers are a great way to encourage eating habits again

What Is A Dog Food Topper?

A dog food topper is wet dog food that you place over your dog’s regular food. It mixes into the food, adding different flavors and potential health benefits.

While dog food toppers are often added to dry food to encourage a dog to eat, some food toppers can be used as a complete meal. It’s important to note that not all food toppers have ingredients for a balanced meal, but Mixables is one brand that offers the best of both worlds: tasty treats that are complete meals.

Mixables offers a variety of dog food toppers in both cans and pouches. We always recommend responsible pet ownership which means not feeding dogs human food no matter how much they beg. Please consider wet dog food as an alternative to human food if you need to get your dog eating again. 


Mixables is a wonderful remedy for a dog that refuses to eat. When dogs get older, their eating habits change and they often crave variety, especially if they’ve grown accustomed to the same regular kibble day after day. And while some people feed their dogs human food to combat this, human food is hardly the best alternative. As stated, you may trigger unknown allergies and health concerns by exposing your dog to human treats. Instead of feeding your dog human food, use a dog food topper and add it to your dog’s regular food or as a stand-alone meal.

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