Best Way to Get Dog Hair out of Clothes and Furniture

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By connorshehan August 16th, 2018

Oh, our wonderful fur babies!  And the wandering fur that winds up… on everything we own! While there are many ways to decrease shedding throughout the year, as animal owners, we generally resolve ourselves to the fact that our pets are going to shed and end up on us. Fur-tunately, there are several ways to manage the damage on your clothes and furniture.

Vacuum your carpets and furniture often to reduce the constant transference of pet hair from upholstery to your clothes and back again.

Use an anti-static spray on clothes to reduce static cling and make it easier to remove hair.

The simplest way to remove pet hair is to use a lint brush, or DIY one with packing tape wrapped around your fingers. Some lint rollers are designed especially for pet hair.

Run a clean, dry kitchen sponge across your couch, and the fur will cling to it.

Lightly dampen dishwashing gloves and rub them over your clothes; stray hairs will cling to the palms because of the static and texture.

dog and vacuum

Run dryer sheets over your pet to remove shedding hair at the source.

Run the dryer with your clothes and 2-3 wet microfiber cloths and tumble until slightly damp. Most of the hair will cling to the clothes, and the remainder can be removed with a clothes brush or sticky lint roller.

Use a clothes steamer on sweaters or hang them in a steamy bathroom to allow the dampness to help the fibers release the pet hair before using a clothes brush for final hair removal.

For pet hair on couches and upholstery, use your vacuum’s upholstery tool. Make sure to empty the vacuum cup or bag often to maintain as much suction as possible. Use an anti-static spray and then run a microfiber cloth or kitchen sponge across the couch. Finally, vacuum again and finish up with a sticky lint roller.

If you see a lot of hair embedded in your carpet or upholstery even after you’ve vacuumed, add a spoonful of liquid fabric softener to a spray bottle of water. After mixing, spritz on your carpet and let it sit for five minutes. The hair will rise to the surface, so you can vacuum it.

If your clothes or bedding are covered with pet hair, run the items through the dryer on air/no heat first before washing them to loosen much of the hair and send it into the dryer lint trap. Clean out the lint trap immediately to prevent odors and increase air flow.

Add 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle, which will help the fabric fibers relax and “release” the hair.


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