Dog Breeds That Are Picky Eaters

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By connorshehan October 30th, 2019

As of today, there are 339 recognized dog breeds. Some of these dog breeds are quite picky with their food choices. If you own one of those picky dog breeds, it can be hard to find foods that your dog will actually eat.

Some dog breeds have specific health needs or habits that are shared within their breed and some dogs are just picky eaters. Regardless of whether your dog belongs to a breed that is known for picky eating, or your dog is simply a picky eater, it’s important that you know how to get your dog to eat.

dog breeds that are picky eaters

What Dog Breeds Are Known For Being Picky Eaters?

Out of all the dog breeds that exist, there are three dog breeds in particular that are known for being selective with their food. More often than not, dogs that belong to one of those three breeds are picky eaters due to their physiology and the specific health requirements that they have. We’re talking about:

  • Maltese
  • Yorkshire Terriers
  • German Shepherds

Maltese Dogs:

Maltese dogs are infamous for their pickiness. It’s usually quite noticeable too. 

For one, Maltese dogs often show a lack of interest in their food. They may simply glance at the food you’ve put into their bowl and walk away. Oftentimes, they take very small bites of their food and then walk away.

How to fix this occurrence? It’s important to know your dog breed. For most Maltese dogs, texture is very important. They don’t enjoy eating hard, crunchy, stale food. The reason being that Maltese are known to have issues with their teeth. Instead, they prefer soft food. Since Maltese dogs are small – often weighing eight-pounds or less – they only need 63 to 83 grams of food per day. We recommend our tasty and soft, healthy coat recipe. It can be used as a dog food topper for your dog’s kibble or can be used on its own as a complete meal. As an added bonus, it helps maintain a shiny coat!

Yorkshire Terrier Dogs:

Just like Maltese dogs, Yorkshire terriers are small. As with Maltese dogs, Yorkshire terriers are known for being picky eaters because they often develop very distinct preferences for certain kinds of flavors.

dogs that don't like eating

Yorkshire terriers are picky eaters and they often develop preferences for foods with specific textures, smells, and tastes. When new foods are introduced into their diet or used to replace previous food, most Yorkshire terriers are hesitant to eat it. If they do eat, they are selective of what parts of the food they eat, oftentimes eating certain pieces of meat or certain chunks of kibble.

Some owners attempt to replace their Yorkshire terrier’s food immediately. Instead, gradually introduce the new food to lower their stress. Mixables offers a variety pack of dog food toppers so you’re able to learn which recipe your Yorkshire Terrier prefers. 

German Shepherd Dogs:

In contrast to Maltese dogs and Yorkshire terriers, German Shepherds are big dogs that need a lot of food. They are another dog breed that are picky eaters. German shepherds not only require a lot of food, but they require foods that are rich in protein and animal fats. If a food doesn’t have those nutrients, they are often reluctant to eat it.

german shepherds sometimes refuse to eat

Protein serves as the foundation for a German Shepherd that is physically healthy. If you are buying dog food that lacks protein or uses synthetic meats, your German Shepherd may not be quick to consume it.  

The same goes for animal fats which are equally as important. Not only do animal fats keep your German Shepherd’s teeth and nails strong, but they provide better tastes and smells that are enticing to your pup. 

For German Shepherd’s, we recommend Mixables dog food topper healthy coat variety pack. It’s a total of 12 cans and features 3 tasty recipes and can be used to entice your dog in eating both the kibble and topper. It’s an easy way to add protein to your German Shepherd’s diet. 

What Is The Best Food To Feed A Picky Dog?

To make your picky dog eat, it’s important that you understand their needs and preferences. With that, you’re better able to assess certain dietary choices that lead to your dog eating well and receiving nutrients. The above list references a few dog breeds that are picky eaters. Research particulars if you have a different breed.

is your dog a finicky eater?

We have found that there is one kind of food that appeals to almost every dog: wet dog food. Due to its smells, texture, and taste, most dogs will always prefer wet dog food over dry.

First, wet dog food is made of better ingredients than most dry food and richer in nutrients. With better ingredients, your dog is more likely to eat the food due to a stronger and more appealing taste.

However, we understand the convenience of kibble. You can add a wet dog food topper to your dogs regular food, which adds taste, texture, and nutrients to their regular food. Plus, it provides extra moisture for dogs that may not be drinking enough water. 

Mixables provides flavorful options that boost your dog’s routine meals without sacrificing the kibble that benefits them in other ways. For picky eaters, Mixables are a great option to help encourage your dog to eat regularly. As you may know, routine meals aid in overall health and activity!

Dog Breeds That Are Picky Eaters


With Mixables, the healthy wet dog food, you can reward your pooches with the best of both worlds: health and a wealth of flavor.