Healthy Food Diagram for Dogs – Infographic

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By connorshehan April 10th, 2018

Dogs are just like us — their bodies need the right nutrients to function well. Most dogs eat the same ol’ thing every day, but quality dog food is made with the right amounts of carbohydrates, fats, oils, protein, vitamins and minerals to ensure they have healthy, strong bodies (and enough energy to run around and play, of course!).

Kibble often looks like a mix of mysterious brown ingredients, but those little nuggets have a careful balance of nutrients that serve different purposes for an all-around healthy pup. Carbs gives dogs essential fiber and energy, while protein provides amino acids; fats & oils help dogs absorb some vitamins while providing energy, and vitamins & minerals, of course, keep those organs functioning properly.

There’s more to a dog’s diet than chicken and rice — check out what’s really in their food!

Dog food Diagram Infographic


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