What Are Dog Food Toppers?

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By connorshehan September 12th, 2019

A dog food topper is a great way to make your dog’s food tastier and healthier. You can transform ordinary dog food by adding an extra boost of flavor with toppers like Mixables. They are also referred to as dog gravies or meal enhancers; they’re used in combination with dry kibble to enhance the overall meal for dogs. Food toppers, like Mixables, also come with added nutritional benefits that will make mealtime exciting for your pup!

what are dog food toppers

Dogs don’t always enjoy eating the same kibble, day-in and day-out. Just like humans, dogs enjoy trying new things

For many reasons, people are reluctant to feed their dog new kibble. Especially if they’ve been eating a specific brand of kibble for most of their life.

If that’s the case for you, then putting a topping on your dog’s regular food is a great alternative. Toppers transforms the taste of the food, while also providing valuable nutrients that aren’t always found in regular dog kibble. Of course, it also provides the novelty that your dog may be craving.

In general, gravies and toppers aren’t a full meal for your doggo. Instead, they are more of an addition to your dog’s regular food. However, there are a few dog food toppers that serve as complete meals that may help your fur friend eat more frequently.

  • Dogs Enjoy Eating New Foods
  • You Can Buy A Dog Food Topper For Your Dog, Instead Of New Kibble
  • Dog Food Toppers Transform The Taste And Nutritional Value Of The Food
  • Most Dog Food Toppers Aren’t Complete Meals, But A Few Are

Examples Of Good Toppers for Your Dog’s Food

There are many food topping options available for your pooch and each is a little different. The majority of dog food toppers contains various meats, and some of them contain vegetables, as well.

best dog food toppers

If your dog has specific dietary requirements, then there is definitely a dog food topper that can fulfill those requirements. Or, if your dog has specific tastes, there are dog food toppers that are more than capable of fulfilling those taste preferences, such as beef or poultry.

If you want your dog to eat more nutritiously, then there are mix-ins that consist of vegetables specifically designed for this purpose

Perhaps your dog needs more Omega-3 fatty acids. There are dog food toppers that can give your dog those fatty acids or other vitamin-packed benefits, ensuring that your dog has a nice, healthy coat of fur.
Sometimes, you just want to feed your dog some healthy meat and vegetables. There are easy solutions for that, too!

  • There Are A Lot Of Dog Food Toppers Available
  • You Can Find Dog Food Toppers For Any Dietary Need
  • Most Dog Food Toppers Contain Meat And Vegetables

Importance of nutritious & tasty meals

Dog food toppers do two things:

  1. Enhance the nutritional value of your dog’s food.
  2. Entices your dog to eat, due to their unique flavors and food combinations.

If your dog has been reluctant to eat their kibble, then a flavorful topping can be the perfect solution.

Feeding your dog kibble is not a bad choice. Kibble is good for dogs since it’s specifically designed for their metabolisms and nutritional needs. But sometimes your dog may need other nutrients or other vitamins that the kibble isn’t supplying; or, they’re not eating enough of their kibble, to begin with. 

If that’s the case, then it’s important that your dog eats something more. A dog food topper can serve as an addition to your dog’s regular kibble while supplying the health components that are important for your dog.

Even if your dog doesn’t have any specific dietary needs, the extra vitamins and minerals that dog food toppers supply is still very useful. Your dog will remain strong and healthy, dependent on the type of food you provide. 

For example, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy. There are a number of dog food toppers that contain those fatty acids in great quantities.

Dog toppings also alter the taste of regular dry food. Since dogs crave a variety of flavors and smells, so spicing up a normal dish might be just the trick to get your pup to eat more regularly.

What Are Mixables?

Mixables dog food toppers are very different from most other dog food toppers. Most dog sauces and toppers are not complete meals. Instead, they are additives that you put in your dog’s regular kibble.

what are dog food toppers

Mixables can be eaten without dry kibble, and that’s because they contain all of the required nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are needed for a complete and balanced meal. Plus, your dog will love the different flavors and choices available. 

Mixables come in many different options with various ingredients. There is a Mixables dog food topper that contains turkey and vegetables helping to ensure that your dog’s skin and fur coat stay healthy. You can find a Mixables that contains peas, potatoes, and chicken. These ingredients contain glucosamine, which is great for your dog’s joints.

There are many other Mixables recipes available. What makes them great is the fact that they contain some of the best ingredients available, and that they can be eaten as a complete and nutritious meal!

  • Mixables Dog Food Toppers Can Be Eaten As Complete And Balanced Meals
  • This Is Because They Contain All Of The Necessary Vitamins And Nutrients That Comprise A Complete Meal
  • You Can Find Mixables Dog Food Toppers With Many Different Ingredients And Health Benefits


With Mixables, the healthy wet dog food, you can reward your pooches with the best of both worlds: health and a wealth of flavor.