What to Add to Dog Food to Make Them Eat

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By connorshehan July 24th, 2019

As dogs get older, they tend to develop specific eating habits that aren’t always healthy. They also desire frequent changes in their regular diets.

Studies have consistently shown that dry food is the best kind of food for dogs. Dry food is great for your dog’s teeth, helping to remove gunk and bacteria, while also strengthening them. Dry food is also quite a bit cheaper than wet food, and it doesn’t spoil nearly as fast.

Due to those reasons, many people choose to feed their dog dry food. But, as time passes, and as the dog gets older, many people experience a situation where their dog doesn’t want to eat anymore. With many dog owners, the question eventually arises of what to add to dog food to make them eat.

More specifically, their dog doesn’t want to eat the dry food that they’ve been given for their entire life. Sometimes, this is simply because dogs, just like humans, want something new. Something that doesn’t taste just like the dry food they’ve eaten for the past eight-years. Other times, though, dogs refuse to eat their dry food for a very different reason.

Just like humans, dogs love to have a nice treat every now and then. Sometimes, these are the kinds of treats you buy at the grocery store, treats that have been specifically designed for dogs to consume. Sometimes, though, these are table scraps. Table scraps, such as small chunks of bacon, chicken, ham, maybe some peanut butter, etc.

  • Dry food strengthens your dog’s teeth, and keeps them clean.
  • Some dogs want different food when they get older.
  • Some dogs only want to eat table scraps, because that is a habit that has been nurtured.
Human Food is Not Good For Dogs

What Happens When Dogs Eat Table Scraps?

Feeding your dog table scraps is not only bad for your dog’s health, it leads to some very unhealthy habits.

First of all, your dog realizes just how much they love eating table scraps. That big chunk of bacon they just devoured is significantly better than their own dry food.

Secondly, eating table scraps creates a habit. Now, if you don’t feed your dogs table scraps that often, then this may not apply. But, if you do, and it is very easy to do so, it can quickly develop into a habit. Your dog will be less inclined to eat their dry food, because they believe that the table scraps you feed them are the food that they should be eating. So, they refuse their dry food in the hopes of eating more of your table scraps.

Watching as your beloved dog refuses to eat can be a very distressing experience. It’s compounded when your dog attempts to convince you to share some of your table food; it’s no wonder we tend to give in!

Some people experiment in the hopes of solving that problem. They do things like giving their dogs less food, taking it away from the dog after a certain period of time has passed, and trying to force-feed their dog.

More often than not, this just makes your dog more reluctant to eat.

People realize that very quickly, and they relent. They put a few table scraps in their dogs food, and suddenly, there dog can’t have enough.

Unfortunately for your dog, table scraps aren’t healthy. They may taste great, but table scraps often contain a variety of ingredients that are bad for your dog, as well as a lack of nutritional value. Unhealthy ingredients, combined with too many calories, lead to an unhealthy and unhappy dog.

Make Food Exciting for Your Dog

But, if your dog doesn’t want to eat dry food, unless you put table scraps in it, what should you do?

  • If you feed your dog table scraps on a regular basis, your dog may not want to eat their dry food.
  • Table scraps are very unhealthy for dogs, and they can lead to health problems and even sickness.

Dog Food Toppers: A Perfect Solution

If your dog doesn’t want to eat their dry food, then using a dog food topper is the best choice.

A dog food topper is just like wet food. But, it’s not designed to serve as a meal for a dog. Instead, it’s something that you pour on top of, and across, the dry food that you have given your dog.

When you put a dog food topper on your dogs dry food, there are three things that happen.

Immediately, the food smells better. Your dog can smell the meat and vegetables within the dog food topper. Naturally, your dog becomes intrigued.

When your dog goes over to look at their food, they see the dog food topper, and they become excited. It looks a lot like table scraps, and it smells like them, too.

Your dog finally eats the food in their bowl. When your dog is finished, they’re happy and satisfied with the delicious meal you’ve just provided them.

  • Dog food toppers are small pieces of wet food you can put on your dogs dry food.
  • You have all of the health benefits of the dry food, as well as the strong flavors and smells of wet food.
  • Dog food toppers make your dog more excited to eat their dry food.

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Dog Food Topper?

Using a dog food topper is a great choice, because it entices your dog to eat, and gives your dog vitamins and minerals that aren’t always found in dry food.

Dog food toppers are a great way of making your dog eat. That, in of itself, is a fantastic health benefit. Especially if your dog is only eating table scraps, which can easily lead to various illnesses and health problems.

However, that’s not the only health benefits that dog food toppers offer. The best dog food toppers consist of flavorful ingredients that offer a great deal of nutritional value. High-quality meats and vegetables, in particular. These ingredients contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. These benefits strengthen your dog’s immune system, skin, fur, and their overall health, making your pup stronger and happier.

When your dog is tired of dry food, putting a dog food topper over the dry food is an excellent choice. Not only does it encourage your dog to eat their dry food, but it mixes up the bland tasting kibble they’ve grown accustomed to.

  • Dog food toppers contain high-quality ingredients that supply vitamins and minerals.
  • These vitamins and minerals strengthen your dog’s immune system, fur, skin, as well as their overall health.
What To Add To Dog Food To Make Them Eat

How Do You Use A Dog Food Topper?

Using a dog food topper is a simple process that involves tailoring the amount of topper your dog needs.

Pull out the bag/can that contains the dog food topper. Look at the bag/can and see what measuring cup you need. Pour the  dog food topper into the measuring cup, based on the suggested measurements for your dog’s size.

Once the dog food topper is in the measuring cup, put some dry food into your dog’s bowl. Pour the dry food in, and then pour the dog food topper into the dry food. Mix it into the dry food, so that it’s spread around.

  • Using a measuring cup to determine the amount of dog food topper your dog needs.
  • Pour it into the dry food, and then spread it around, so that the taste and smell spread into the food.


If your dog isn’t eating their dry food, a dog food topper is the best solution to that problem. 

Dog food toppers are healthy and delicious. Not only will your dog gladly eat their dry food, but they will be healthier, as a result.


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